is the first and lagest Agri web portal of Pakistan. Our mission in to connect Agri community through latest ICTs for better farming. is one of initiatives of PAKISSAN, an Ag ICT company striving to bring ICT enabled Agri products to Pakistan Agri Landscape.

At PAKISSAN  we plan to connect different segments of Pakistan agriculture for optimal flow of information and experience for better farming results using latest ICT development and innovative ideas.

The Name Pakissan, which is combination of two words Pakistan and Kissan (Farmer), defines the importance of farmer in future of Pakistan.

Our continuing mission is to enable Pakistan Agriculture use new agri technologies through which farmer can profit. In doing so we hope to have positive impact on Agri Life Style.

We believe a prosper “Pakissan” will lead to prosper “Pakistan”.

Our vision is to connect, through latest Information Communication Technologies, all stakeholders of Pakistan’s Agronomical enterprise for optimal exchange of information and knowledge for better profits.

Connecting Agri Community for Better Farming

Pakistan’s 1st and Largest Agri Web Portal