CPEC potential for young entrepreneurs highlighted

PESHAWAR – Senior office bearer and Project Director in CPEC Secretariat, Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms Hassan Dawood Butt highlighted the potential for young entrepreneurs to get involved into CPEC and cleared-out common misconceptions regarding this mega project.

An open house event was organised by the Obortunity Consulting (Pvt.) Ltd. in collaboration with National Incubation Center Peshawar on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and CPEC Driven Entrepreneurship for the industry, academia and government of KP.

Dr Shahid Rashid, Executive Director, CPEC Centre of Excellence also briefed about the CPEC Long Term Plan in detail and listed his recommendations for the youth and how they can tap the emerging markets of CPEC. Overall, the event resulted in a very interactive and rigorous discussion on the shortcomings of the private sector, government and academia in failing to mobilise the youth in CPEC and how to address these issues as Pakistan moves forward.  The organiser of the event, Obortunity Consulting (Pvt.) Ltd is working on the implementation of the triple helix model of innovation in CPEC, linking the relevant stakeholders in bridging research and development shortfalls, skills development and creating awareness amongst the masses.

It is essential to realize that in order for a country to stay innovative, the industry and the government needs to take risks and invest in R&D by building upon the triple helix and the knowledge capital provided by universities. In this era, the emerging technologies, Industry 4.0 and Sustainability are key shapers of innovation especially in Pakistan where the industrial cooperation phase has already started under CPEC.

The event witnessed a startlingly response in Peshawar with over 100 participants joining the 3-hours long discussion. Guests from the provincial government agencies such as KPEZDMC, KPITB, KP Directorate of Culture and KPBOIT etc. had a strong representation from the government while from academia, senior professors from FAST, Qurtaba, University of Peshawar, CECOS, and Iqra University etc. attended the event. The open house also featured strong business community which drove the discussion of the event towards commercial opportunities available for the youth of the KP.

This prestigious event hosted three panelists and featured presentations on CPEC, CPEC driven entrepreneurship and the Long Term Plan. Hamza Orakzai, CEO Obortunity, underscored the opportunities emerging from CPEC and how young entrepreneurs in KPK can leverage their skill sets and penetrate the market.

The feedback received from the audience was in full praise and high hopes for future endeavors. Furthermore, several stakeholders have already extended support to collaborate with Obortunity on CPEC driven education & entrepreneurship in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.