Stagnant rainwater dangerous for cotton crop

FAISALABAD/Lahore – Stagnant rainwater is dangerous for cotton crop and therefore, farmers should immediately drain out rainwater from fields.

According to a spokesman for Agriculture Department, rainwater has a salutary impact on rice, cotton and fodder crops, but it is very dangerous for cotton crop if it remains stagnant in cotton field for more than 24 hours. If rainwater remains stagnant in the cotton field for over 48 hours, it causes death of cotton plants, he said and advised farmers to immediately drain out the rainwater from cotton fields.

Meanwhile, Punjab Agriculture Department has advised fruit growers to ensure proper care of fruit plants during the hot weather to get good quality fruit.

A spokesman for the department said on Monday that mulching method must be adopted to keep the temperature of land moderate and as it also helps in minimum wastage of water from land. He suggested the growers that big plants should be watered with an interval of 10 to 12 days while small plants five to six days.