Agricultural Biostimulants Market Expecting an Outstanding Growth Till 2025

Strong application scope in Agriculture Industry will drive the Agricultural Biostimulants Market Expecting an Outstanding Growth Till 2025

Biostimulants are biologically produced fertilizers that are used to stimulate plant development and productivity, in addition to the nourishment of agrarian products. A biostimulant boosts plant development and growth throughout the crop life cycle, i.e., from seed germination to plant maturity. These fertilizers further help in facilitating nutrient translocation, assimilation, and use; and enhance soil fertility mainly by stimulating the development of interdependent soil microorganisms.

Limited land availability along with enhanced farming practices to meet food demand has encouraged agriculture industry towards precision farming which will open new avenues for Agricultural
biostimulants market growth.The product is the combination of enzymes, microorganisms, and trace elements which are applied in small quantities to promote crop growth.

Shift in consumer preference towards organic food coupled with growing social concerns will positively influence industry growth. Regulatory compliance and government subsidies on biological agrochemicals will support the product penetration. Changing life style and increasing purchasing power parity particularly in developing countries will stimulate the market.

Increase in focus to increase crop productivity and quality drives the surging demand for biostimulant products in the market. Another significant factor influencing the market growth is the introduction of sustainable agriculture to protect the environment from adverse effects, especially in Europe and North America.


Bharat Kotwal

Freelance Researcher (Market Research Industry)