Seeds, Wheat

New seed varieties of wheat

Islamabad: National Agriculture Research Center (NARC) was introducing average three to four high yielding seed verities of wheat every year in order to enhance per-acre crop out put to maintain food security and safety by tackling with the growing demands of staple foods as well as to export for attracting the huge foreign exchange for the country.

Being the premier national research institute of the country, NARC was engage in research and developmental activities and it had also prepared high yielding seed verities of other crops including maize, cotton, oil seeds, where as it had also developed the hybrid seed verities of bananas, potatoes and tomatoes in order to produce exportable surplus for the country, said Director General National Agriculture Research Center Dr Ghulam Muhammad Ali.

Besides, the research institute has also developed three new verities of potatoes and developed a gene bank comprising upon over 36,000 germplasm of different crops to produce seed verities to enhance per-acre crop output in the country, he said while briefing the media about the progress and development made so far in research and development fields at NARC.—APP