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Growers of melon crop

Badin: Growers of Badin were sustaining acute water shortage for long which has caused them huge economic loss and their fertile soils were becoming barren.

While less attention of the government and monopoly of mills owners and lower rates of different crops in the markets has made uncertainty among the hundreds of growers and peasants. The melon crop in Badin, is commonly cultivated during the month of November, every year on thousands of acres across the district. The yield of such crop is produced during the month of March and continues up to the month of May.

The crop is cultivated mostly where growers are suffered of shortage of irrigatory water. Growers of melon crop incure more than Rs 50 thousand per acre but they sustain huge damage and loss due to lower rates of melon crop in the local market and exported to Lahore and abroad.

While talking growers Shahid Arain, Javed Chang, Qasim Jamali and others said they were facing huge economic loss due to non collaboration and less interest of the government in connection of reasonable and proper rates for melon crop and production. They said they incure huge amount for manure, spray, pesticides to protect crop from donny, powdry and other viruses while wages are also paid to labourers.