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China: Tomato Planet Park is officially opened

On November 9, 2017, with the support of the Gansu Pingliang government and under the banner of China’s leading fruits and vegetable brand, Haisheng, a new Tomato Planet Park was officially opened. 
Well-known fruit producing enterprises such as the China Fruit Marketing Association, Golden Orchard, Yuanxing Fruit, Goodfarmer, Fresh Fruit, journalists and other guests, attended the grand opening. The park is truly a masterpiece of modern farming. It is equipped with brand new technologies from the Netherlands and has the biggest greenhouse in Asia, with an intelligent environment control system. The park will produce Zhichun Candy Tomatoes.
In order to grow Candy Tomatoes of the same high quality as in the Netherlands, the Haisheng Group invested billions of dollars to construct a greenhouse with an intelligent environmental control system. The whole system was built by specialists from Dutch company KUBO. They managed the whole process of building and setup. All the required materials were also ordered from the Netherlands.   
Pingliang city in Gansu province was chosen for building the park because of its great conditions – latitude, light, temperature, air quality and other factors – everything was scientifically analyzed. The place islocated at 35 degrees latitude, in a mild temperature and semi-humid agricultural climatic zone. It is an exemplary land for farming with a good day-night temperature range, adequate sunlight and air quality. This environment should be perfect for growing Candy Tomatoes.
Source: iFresh