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India’s First Shipment of Wheat To Enter Via Chabahar

The ACCI officials said Chabahar Port will become a viable route for traders to bring goods into the country from India.

Officials from the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) said India will send its first cargo of wheat to Afghanistan through Chabahar Port in Iran.

The ACCI officials said the move to send in at least 130,000 tons of wheat to Afghanistan will strengthen trade ties between the two countries.

“This process is crucial for strengthening trade and transit relations of Afghanistan with India and Iran. We will continue our efforts to provide better grounds for increasing trade activities,” the ACCI deputy head for trade, Kamila Sediqi said.

“Many (Afghan) investors will try to do business through Chabahar once the process kicks off. This will help investors send their goods to India and import goods through a closer route,” the CEO of the ACCI, Atiqullah Nasrat said.

This comes after President Ashraf Ghani said during his trip to India this week that Afghanistan appreciated India’s move to send in the wheat to the country.