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Iran exports 31000 tons of wheat to Italy

The CEO of Government Trading Corporation of Iran Yazdan Seif said for the first time Iran exports 31000 tons of high quality durum wheat to Italy which is the cornerstone of the world’s pasta.

Yazdan Seif said Iran has exported more than 120000 tons of flour to the neighboring countries and the Europe in the first half of the current year, adding “in the previous year, flour exports amounted to 27000 tons.”

According to reports, about 400000 tons of flour and its belongings like different kinds of bread and cakes have been exported, out of which 65000 tons comprise wheat.

Referring to plans for exporting 1 million tons of extra wheat to neighboring countries and Europe, Seif said “with the increase of wheat exports, we will see our milling factories flourish, and we will be able to fully use the capacities of milling factories.”

The Iranian official also announced the implementation of a trilateral protocol between Iran, Russia and Kazakhstan to increase wheat exports and held that the trilateral cooperation helps to increase wheat exports, particularly of durum type, up to 700000 tons per year.

Seif expressed optimism that the execution of the trilateral protocol can boost exports in the second half of the years, leading the country to export 300000 tons of wheat.
Source: MNA