Poultry Water Supply System

Muhammad Yasin Khan
Freshlay Poultries

I have been working a poultry farmer for the last 15 years. I used and studied different water supply system for poultry. Every system has its own characteristics.
Every system has a few benefits and some drawback also.

I developed my own water supply system, fabricated it by myself, and it is running successfully in my poultry form.

My system consists of pieces of two feet long and 1 1/4” diameter galvanized pipes connected together with T shaped joints. The length of the system may be extended up to 60 feet.

A plastic funnel available from hardware store is threaded into the upper end of the T shaped joint. (This needs a technical experience)

One end of the system is connected with the water tank provided with the float valve.

I used a flush cistern. The other end of the pipe, the outlet, is raised up to the water level we require in the funnels. Adjusting the float valve, controls the water level in the drinkers

We can raise or lower the outlet level according to our requirement. If we want a constant flow of water in the system, just lower the outlet level, the water will keep on flowing out.

When we are supplying medicated water the outlets is raised up, the medicated water doesn’t flow out.

It is interesting to know that if we supply plain water after the medicated water, both will not mix together, hence maintaining the potency of the medicine constant.

Maintenance: a removable sieve is put at the neck of the drinker.

The feed particles left behind in the drinkers are collected at the sieve. It is removed manually. It is quite easy to clean and flush the system. Just lower the outlet, and the water will flow freely.

Supply water with pressure from the other end of the pipe, every thing will be clean and clear.

Problem with the system: There was only one problem.

The drinkers I used wee the common funnel available from the market. Its neck was week, and some times it was broken, as a result wetting the litter.

If we prepare heavy-duty funnels with thick neck, the problem will be solved.