Water management in poultry

  1. Birds drink water roughly about 2 litres for every kg.of feed at 700F. For each degree of temperature rise about 750F, birds will drink about 4% more water.
  2. The normal intake of feed : water is 1:2. But this ratio rises to nearly 1:4 or even more when temperature exceeds 950F.
  3. Birds prefer cool water between 450F to 800F. Except for day old chicks, the temperature of drinking water for all categories of chickens should always be lower than the room temperature.
  4. Provision of extra waters on deep litter is a must along with filling up these with cold water for 4-5 times a day.
  5. Birds on cages should also get a continuous supply of fresh, cool water. Where there is a provision for automatic drinking devices, if necessary small ice pieces may be placed in drinking reservoirs.
  6. When using water medication during severe summer heat, recommended concentration must be reduced as high amount of water consumption may increase excess of the normal levels, resulting in an overdose of the drug.

Improvement of water quality:

Treatment of drinking water with alum followed by sedimentation for 24-hours will purify the water.

Another way of purifying water for drinking of birds may be done by mixing 2 gms.of bleaching powder containing 35% chlorine with 1000 litres of clean drinking water and ultimately exposing the treated water for at least 3 hours before its actual use. Alternatively `Medichlor’ at the rate of 10 ml.in 100 litres of drinking water. The treated water should remain exposed for minimum 2-3 hours before being used.