The role of imported veterinary medicine and vaccine in the poultry sector

Ch. Waheed-ud-din ahmed
Pakistan Veterinary Medicine Importers Group.

Contribution of the Livestock and Poultry Sector to the growth and development of Pakistan’s Agrarian Economy

Population engaged in Agrarian Economy 70 %

Agriculture’s Contribution of GDP

25 %
Livestock sector’s contribution to agriculture 40 %
Livestock sector’s contribution to GDP 10 %
Livestock contribution to exports 10 %

In addition, Livestock and Poultry Sector provide food to 140 Million population in the form of Protein-Milk, Meat, Eggs as well as skins and hides for value-added exports of quality leather goods.

Seen in the above perspective, the Veterinary Medicine Business in Pakistan is supporting a vital segment of the economy even though the veterinary Business is still in an early stage of Market Development, covering just about 10 % of the total Livestock and Poultry industry potential in Pakistan.

Prevention and control of disease is most difficult and important in the poultry and Livestock industry. Disease has progressively acquired a place of high significance and the major turning point for the success or failure of this sector.

Of all other multiple reasons, this single factor is pregnant with far reaching consequences as far as the farm economics are concerned, direct losses can be colossal due to out right deletion of the flock.

The role of corrective chemotherapy can, never the less, not be ignored. Had it not been for research in the development of EFFICACIOUS THERAPEUTIC AGENT and selective use of corrective medicine,

Poultry and Livestock sector would not had taken its roots in the developing countries. The due care and discretion in the selection of medicines and uses was very important towards the improvement in the health management of Poultry and Livestock sector.

Substandard medicines and quackery had also aggravated this problem. It is here in this area of Poultry and Livestock sector that the Veterinarians and qualified prescribers acquire importance.

Much depends on their professional competence and discretionary acumen. To prescribe a correct medicine in the line of treatment calls INDEPTH AWARENESS of the interaction between body, drugs and disease.

Greater responsibility rest on Veterinarians to organize effective monitoring of the medicine available and offered for sale.

Life is a dynamic process, characterize by emerging challenges and their effective solutions. The Poultry and Livestock sector is no exception to this phenomena. The advancement and survival of any field depends on its ability to cope with a challenges it is facing.

This is possible only through the process of continuing scientific research and its effective application. Since our independent research and development had not been one of our top priorities due to a number of reasons, the goal of self reliance cannot be achieved without giving proper attention on scientific research.

Unfortunately the gap in this field between developed and developing countries is quite wide and likely to remain so.

The inherent relationship between Farmers, Veterinarians and Veterinary sale teams plays a very important role.

This bond between them plays the essential role of Technical application of latest technology in the animal health. This relationship is also vital for national economy in general and animal health in particular.

The poultry sector had long been seen having all the qualities of industry with export potential but it still remains in the uncertainty because of multi factors. The research and development is need of time to transform poultry and Livestock sector into an industry.

The importers who are marketing the vaccines and medicines are not mere business representatives but are also effectively transferring Technologies to our local industry.

Three prime role is to provide quality vaccines and medicines for the best care of poultry and Livestock sector. The imported vaccines and medicines with high efficacy had given a clear health protection to this industry.