Processing Equipments

In view of the development of boiler industry the automatic small boiler processing plants to meet the local need and exports norms may be the need of the new millennium.

It includes quality of factory- dressed chicken, cut-up parts, deboned chicken, alongwith cold storage rooms, refrigerated food display counters and other grocery materials.

Roller Track Conveyer

40 days old chicks arrive from the broiler house. The broilers are moved off the trucks on to a roller track conveyer, which takes them to the hanging area and hung by the legs on special shackles of the overhead conveyor.

Electrical Water Bath Stunner

Fists the birds are taken to the killing area where stunning, killing and bleeding are carried out. Stunning is done automatically in an electrical water bath stunner.

Subsequently the killing can be done manually using a knife on the side of the nect.

Prior to defeating the birds are immerced in a scalding tank which features strong agitation pumps, which ensures the birds are always drawn downwords.

The feathers are then removed in a plucking machine. Prior to evisceration the heads are removed by a head puller.

Eviscerating Fork

After applying the neck skin slit manually, the vent is cut out, using the vent-cutting piston connected to a compressed air unit. The opening cut is applied manually with a knife.

Evisceration can be done by hand or using a special implement, eg. eviscerating fork. The gizzard, skin, lungs and hocks are all around by automatic instruments.

Now the birds are ready for chilling. This can be done by air or water. Generally speaking, air chilling is used for the carcass which is to be sold fresh and water chilling mainly for the frozen carcass.

Screw Water Chiller

After being dropped by the hock cutter into the screw water chiller the birds are washed and chilled in approximately 30 minutes.

During this process the temperature of the birds is lowered from approximately 350 C to 6-80 C and the process also allows for a substantial water pick-up. excess water is separated from the birds by means of an excess water separator.

Automatic Cut up Line

There is an automatic cut up line. Packets are prepared according to customer demand, whole, parts or boneless. These are then individually packed in air removed polythene bags. All the sealed packets are stored at –20 degree for minimum 12 hrs.

Rendering plant and feed mill

All the cut parts of the chickens like feathers, legs and blood are converted into poultry feed in the rending plant.