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Pests & Farm Chemicals

Major Insecticides are given below with their time of attack and recommended Pesticides and dosage.


Area and Production of Cotton in Pakistan
Cotton Map Pakistan
Cotton Imports Forecast a Record High in 2003/04

The KCA Official Spot Rate for Local Dealings in Pak Rupees. Jan 17 2012

Rate for

Ex-Gin Price


37.32 Kg 5,350 5,630
40 Kg 5,734 6,024

World Over View

World Cotton Stocks Projected Lowest in 9 Years

Production Constrained in 2003/04


World & US

World and U.S. Cotton Situation and Outlook

World Production and Trade Rising in 2003/04 


Analysis Report

q Prospects of bumper new crop further  depress cotton prices
q Panicky sellers surrender to cotton buyers
q World cotton and textile prices drift on bumper crop reports

Science and technology have made for great expansion of the cotton industry in recent years. Current world average expansion of 3 to 4 % annually. Most nutrition programs can be improved by the inclusion of cotton products quality.
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