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Cotton is a natural fiber that finds use in many products. These range from clothing to home furnishings to medical products. As a result, cotton is always in demand though its use is subject to the strengths and weaknesses of the overall economy. It accounts for 8.2 percent of the value added in agriculture and about 2 percent to GDP.
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Pests & Farm Chemicals

• Major Insecticides are given below with their time of attack and recommended Pesticides and dosage.


• Area and Production of Cotton in Pakistan
• Cotton Map Pakistan
• Cotton Imports Forecast a Record High in 2003/04

The KCA Official Spot Rate for Local Dealings in Pak Rupees. Jan 17 2012

Rate for

Ex-Gin Price


37.32 Kg 5,350 5,630
40 Kg 5,734 6,024

World Over View

• World Cotton Stocks Projected Lowest in 9 Years

• Production Constrained in 2003/04


World & US

• World and U.S. Cotton Situation and Outlook

• World Production and Trade Rising in 2003/04 


Analysis Report

q Prospects of bumper new crop further  depress cotton prices
q Panicky sellers surrender to cotton buyers
q World cotton and textile prices drift on bumper crop reports





Technical Articles

Cotton reddening: A red signal to Pakistan Economy
Cotton crop is the main stay of Pakistan economy. It occupies a pivotal position in the national economy and plays important role in the economic progress of the country. It is not only a sole source of the survival of a millions of farmers’ families in Pakistan but it also contributes a major share of approximately 65% in foreign exchange earnings.
March 2005

Contamination free cotton
The crucial month of September and early October have been passed with out any damaging any major lose to cotton crop except some minor attack in sind due to rain, but yesterday it was hail storm in some part of Dera Ghazi Khan District damaging cotton crop in some areas of the district.
December 2004



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