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New Agri-Technology 

Farmers asked to adopt resource conservation technology
In order to keep the soil's organic matter intact, reduce land preparation cost and ensuring timely sowing of wheat, the adoption of the Resource Conservation Technology (RCT) approach by farmers can ensure solution to address these issues, said the sources.

Farm Technology Changing Agriculture
Lucas Shivers

Hi-tech systems offer tractors that operate without drivers No one is denying that technology is changing the face of the world. Tomorrow's technology will bring sweeping changes to every industry, including agriculture, and may one day make it possible to conduct business and control production without a great deal of human labor.

Scientists urged to educate farmers about 'Zero Tillage'
Scientists can play an important role in socio-economic uplift of the country utilising their capabilities in various fields particularly in agriculture sector.

Use of water conservation technology
Zafar Samadani

It is bewildering how a country facing severe shortage of water should be looking for higher productivity by extending cultivated area instead of applying conservation methods and technologies increasingly in use across the world; even water affluent countries are harnessing them to boost productivity.

Zero-Tillage Curriculum Development Workshop
Various resource conservation technologies have been adopted in the recent past to improve the productivity of rice-wheat system. Of these, adoption of zero-tillage for timely planting of wheat after rice harvest was popularized among the farming community. However, new challenges are emerging in the adoption of this technology on large scale.

New technology can regenerate plants in large number
The plants regeneration by cell and tissue culture technique can complement conventional breeding procedure and plants can be regenerated in a large number. However, the success of this breeding technology depends upon the efficiency of the cultured cells with desired characteristics.

Rs 100 million project to promote breeding technology
LAHORE (November 01 2002) : Punjab Livestock & Dairy Development Department has launched a project costing Rs 100 million for increasing production of meat and milk in the province. Under the project, latest technology regarding breeding of livestock would be promoted through media.

Scientists introduce better wheat production technology
The agri-scientists have developed a technology whereby fertiliser requirement of wheat crop can be reduced by one half of the currently applied fertiliser dose.

GPFARM Software Foresees the Future
Hank Becker

For the first time, Great Plains farmers and ranchers will have an electronic crystal ball to foresee consequences of their management decisions.

Sugar beet -- a supplementary sugar crop

Sugarbeet contributes about 16% of the world sugar production, with sugarcane the main sugar crop contributing 84%.

Water shortage: No more a problem using latest technology
Water Retention Aid for All Crops, Parks & Horticulture).

This ARTICLE is to brief you the characteristics of a wonder product Qemisoyl (Water Retention Aid for Crops, Parks & Horticulture) & its possible use under current scenario of Water Crisis in Pakistan.

Techniques of brackish water utilization for agriculture
In view of the scarcity of canal water and scanty rainfalls, the importance of brackish water has increased manifold. This is the only alternative to meet the severe shortfalls of irrigation water occurring in the recent years. The quality of groundwater does not permit its blind use and it is direly needed that brackish water is managed scientifically for using in crop production. Following are the techniques developed through greenhouse and field studies for sofe usage of such water

New irrigation technology holds big promise
Most of the land area of Pakistan is classified as arid to semi-arid because rainfall is not sufficient to grow agricultural crops, forest and fruit plants and pastures.

Full grown plants from tiny bits of leaves
Tissue culture, in simple terms, is the science of growing plant cells, tissues or organs isolated from the mother plant, on artificial media.

Electricity From Wind
New models of Millat Tractors launched
Use of Laser land leveller can raise production
Drip and sprinkle method can save water
Tripple benefits of zero tillage
Low-Till" Farming Replacing Plow in Asia
High - Tech Harvest
Govt considers usage of desalination technology
Zero-Tillage Technology

Sugarcane Improvement Through Tissue Culture Technology
Scientists determine major yield factors in lentil
Recent Advance in Post Harvest Technology of Vegetables and Fruits
Chinese parachute technology for rice transplantation

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