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Pakissan  Seminar
"Biotechnology and Pakistan;
Opportunities and Challenges"


Bio technology widely discussed in Pakissan seminar.
A representative function

LAHORE–Biotechnology experts have demanded for the approval of Bio safety guidelines, which is the sole hindrance in the spreading of this technology in the country.

The seminar was organized by agriculture web portal on 'Biotechnology: Opportunities and Challenges' here at a local hotel. The website has been launched with the aim of connecting Agri-community for better farming. Detail

A Representative gathering

LAHORE–Leading experts of biotechnology in the country and representatives of prominent farmers organisations and agri firms attended the function. A good number of progressive farmers were also present on the occasion.

Prominent among them were former Agriculture Minister Malik Khuda Bukhsh Bucha, Chief Coordinator Farmers Associates of Pakistan (FAP), Idrees Khokher, President Kissan Board Pakistan Sadiq Khan Khakwani, President Zaraie Insaf Hamid Malhi and others. The seminar was meant to create awareness amongst the masses to make them aware about this important emerging technology.

Dr Anwar Nasim, Chairman National Commission on biotechnology and Dr Yusuf Zafar of National Institute of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (Nibge) presented key addresses on the occasion.

While representatives of leading multinationals companies, currently working and investing in agri-research and development in Pakistan, were also present on the occasion. However, majority of them stayed there as observers.


Seminar on Bio technology was the first move by Pakissan to reach the farmerimng community which turned to a successful event.

 Despite his weak health, former Minister of Agriculture of one unit, Malik Khuda Bakhash Bucha arrived in the meeting right in time. He considers being the father of green revolution in Pakistan in early 60’s.

Program continued without any break despite the fact that number of guests crossed the expected level of the organisers.

A lot of participants were denied entry despite the fact that they carry cards. They were told that it was someone else who was invited and only invitees were allowed to enter.

 Everybody was allowed to ask questions without any dictation or restriction and secretary FAP, Muhammad Idrees posed five questions.

One participant, while criticising the bureaucratice hurdles in progress of agri sector, asked Dr Anwar Nasim to concentrate on developeing anti virus vaccine against the red-tapism.

Media men from all the leading newspapers of the provincial metropolis visited the seminar.


Some data from the presentation of Dr Yusuf Zafar, Head Plant Biotech, National Institute of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (Nibge), Faisalabad.



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