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Feeds for poultry
Poultry feeding is one of the important aspect of poultry science. Poultry feeds are of three types .

Processing Equipments
In view of the development of boiler industry the automatic small boiler processing plants to meet the local need and exports norms may be the.

Poultry Industry & Poultry Products –Basic for Good Nutrition:
Science and technology have made for great expansion of the poultry industry in recent years. Current world .

Common poultry diseases and their control measures
A This disease is caused by a protozoan parasite of the intestine and can cause very heavy losses in poultry.

Vaccination Schedule for Broilers
 A hygiene programme is fundamental to successful broiler production. Following control and preventive measure should be taken for healthy broiler production..


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PPA (Punjab Zone)      Jan 17 2012

Chicken  Live, Broiler Live: Rs.176.00 Cull Birds (live): Rs 92 per kilo
Eggs  Per crate of 30 dzns Rs.3360-05  Retail  115 per Dzn

Pak Poultry

• Avg Wholesale Rates of Live Broiler

• Eggs (Farm) Per case of 30 dozen (Rs)

• Growth of farm brid population in Pak

• % share of regions in layer birds prod


International Overview

• International Egg and Poultry Review

• International Poultry Industry Overview


Pak Poultry Overview

• Poultry Industry 2001-2002
• Poultry Industry 2002-2003
• Poultry Industry 2003-2004

Avian Influenza

• Bird Flu in Pakistan

• Control Measures and Strategies

• Latest information on Avian Influenza


Foot And Mouth Disease

Since Nov. 2002
Since Nov. 2002


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