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Export of surplus wheat: Rs six billion subsidy approved by ECC :-Pakissan.com

 Export of surplus wheat: Rs six billion subsidy approved by ECC

On saving forests – ownership brings responsibility :- Pakissan.com
On saving forests–Ownership brings responsibility
Making land titles tangible collateral :- Pakissan.com
 Making land titles tangible collateral
The Economic Co-ordination Committee of Cabinet has approved a subsidy of Rs 6 billion for the export of 1.2 million tons of surplus wheat available with Punjab and Sindh governments. A participant of the meeting, who requested anonymity, said that Ministry of Food Security and Research...............FULL STORY
Latest Local News                                         Global News
Environmentalists at a seminar held in the federal capital Friday on “Tackling Global Warming through Conservation of Forests” said that number of trees in private agriculture farms in Pakistan is increasing because of defined ownership but forests under the government’s forestry departments are diminishing rapidly.Lack of ownership has made it easy for timber mafia and corrupt government officials to chop down trees.....................FULL STORY
The digitisation of land records is expected to be completed in two major provinces Punjab and Sindh during this calendar year. This would make documentation transparent and instantly accessible to the public.And to quote experts,digitilisation is poised to radically.....................FULL STORY

Spot rate modestly softer on cotton market :Pakissan.com

Recent Reports
Bane of agricultural sector :- Pakissan.com Need for a national policy for combating pests :- Pakissan.com Focus on green energy :- Pakissan.com
Bane of agricultural sector Need for a national policy for combating Focus on green energy
 Farmer's Weather


Temp in Co



Temp Outlook Hum% Temp


Multan 08-17 Hazy 89 07-18 Sunny
Sialkot 05-18 Hazy 58 04-18 Sunny
Sargodha 06-18 Hazy 61 04-19 Sunny
Hyderabad 09-23 Sunny 42 11-23 Sunny
Mardan 05-17 P Cloudy 64 04-18 Sunny

    Agromet Farmer Weather; a collaboration of PMD and Pakissan Pakissan Agri Professionals and Institutes Network  


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Towards agricultural mechanisation
The Future of Agriculture May Be Up
Floriculture in Pakistan
How corporate farming impacts the Env
USDA, the United Nations, and Pakistan
About Egyptian Cotton
Growing okra in coastal areas
1  Issues & Analysis

Bane of agricultural sector
Need for a national policy for combating pest
Focus on green energy
Challenges in agribusinesses
Waste and optimality
How to reconcile the conflicting interests
The Global Slavery Index & Pakistan
1  Technical Articles

GM crops could put food security goal.....
GM crops criticism unscientific
Ancient agricultural traditions like seed
Big Agri Antibiotic-resistant super-bugs
Challenges to Biotechnology in Pakistan
Biochar: A farmer friendly organic compound
Plant genetic engineering is in progress



 Pakistan Agric Overview  

Fodder Crops & Weeds Eradication Tech
Preparing for a challenge
Uneven agriculture credit distribution
Depressed commodity..agricultural growth
Thar famine
Silage & Hay, nutritional importance....
Issues in farm mechanisation
Agricultural growth picks up

1  New Agri-Tech

Proceedings International Workshop on ICT
New Role of Sulfuric Acid In Production
Dry seeded rice technology
New technology stressed to boost agri
Research on new rice variety
The new horizons of energy
A new method of rice farming
1  Status & Update

Poultry Market Rates
Daily New York Cotton Rates
Market Price from major grains markets
Multan Grain Market
Cotton Spot Rates
Lahore Grain Market
Special Reports by FAS, United states
1  Pakissan Fourm

Agriculture in Pakistan
Software for farmers
Risks to rice crop, exports
Middleast Agri Market
Algifol results
PM urged to ban tomato
Wheat Shortage

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