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Low sucrose of sugarcane
Saturday, June-17-2017

The Cane Commissioner has claimed that the sucrose content in the local sugarcane has gone down to 10% from 12%. This is very strange because in the world the average sucrose content is 14%-24% and the Government of Pakistan has been investing heavily to get higher sucrose content sugarcane for local farmers.

With lower sucrose content, the sugar manufacturing will claim lower production, and they will therefore request a lower sugar cane price. This way they will cheat the poor farmers from their hard earned income. Similarly, by declaring lower sugar production, the companies will also pay lower taxes.

Since the majority of Sugar Mills in Pakistan are owned by prominent politician families, therefore, there is a high chance the Cane Commissioner has made a miscalculation. I therefore request all TV Channels; Universities, Laboratories and Research Organization to please independently check the sucrose content (or Brix %age) in the sugar cane of their areas and report it in the media. Nowadays digital refractrometers are available and various laboratories can also check the Brix percentage in sugar. If it is lower than 15%, then the sugarcane of Pakistan is of the lowest quality and its harvest should be stopped in future.


Courtesy Pakistan Observer

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