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Rain breaks dry spell in Cholistan
Friday, June-09-2017

BAHAWALPUR: Vast areas of Cholistan received the much-awaited rain on Thursday to the delight of local inhabitants.

According to reports, the downpour hit the desert early in the morning. The rain brought relief for the people who had been facing drought-like condition due to a long dry spell.

It is hoped that ponds will have enough water with which the people as well as livestock may be able to sustain for some time.

The reports said the rain lashed the parts of smaller Cholistan while the parts of greater Cholistan around Bijnot did not receive any showers.

It may be recalled that a majority of human and livestock population was forced to migrate from Cholistan for want of drinking water and fodder for cattle as the most of the ponds had dried up due to dry spell.

After the downpour, it was expected that some of the families with the herds would return to their abodes in the desert.

Meanwhile, the Bahawalpur city and the suburbs also witnessed the rain which submerged the low-lying areas in water and sewerage collapsed at some places.

The rainwater also entered houses, creating inconvenience for the people. It also accumulated in Ramazan bazaar and affected the number of shoppers.

The municipal corporation staff drained out rainwater from the roads, bazaars and Khatm-i-Nubuwwat Chowk with pumps.

The rain also disrupted the electricity supply which could not be restored in several localities for four to five hours.

UNIVERSITY: Punjab Minister for Cooperatives Malik Iqbal Channar says Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has accepted the recommendations to upgrade the Quaid-i-Azam Medical College (QAMC) to the status of a medical university and the introduction of the subject of agriculture in the under-construction Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Bahawalpur.

According to the minister, the recommendations were moved in the special meeting of divisional development committee chaired by the chief minister.

The minister also claimed that the chief minister had also approved the establishment of three degree colleges, one college in each district adjacent to Cholistan for the people of areas.

Courtesy Dawn

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