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PSC approves three varieties of wheat seeds
Thursday, September-11-2008

LAHORE (September 11 2008): Punjab Seed Corporation (PSC) has approved three varieties of wheat seeds, two varieties of gram and three vegetable's seeds having better yield and high resistance against diseases.

This was stated by the Punjab Minister for Agriculture, Malik Ahmed Ali Aulakh while talking to media after 36th meeting of the Punjab Seed Council. He hoped that usage of these new seeds may bring a revolution in the agricultural sector.

He said that there was a need for a high yield wheat variety to get bumper wheat crop. Praising the efforts of agricultural scientists he said that research sector had to play a revolutionary role to end food shortage and export of surplus agricultural commodities.

Punjab minister stated that two wheat seeds are produced by the wheat department of Ayub Research Institute, Faisalabd namely Faisalabad-2008 and Lasani-2008 while one variety is produced by the Regional Agriculture Institute Bahawalpur namely Miraj - 2008. First two varieties have strong resistance against diseases while the third one was suitable for middle and late sowing.

Similarly, the two varieties of gram were approved by the meeting one each of Desi gram and Kabuli. The department of pulses research of Ayub Research Institute Faisalabad has developed Desi gram variety and given name Punjab-2008 while Kabuli variety is developed by Nayab and given name CM-2008, the minister revealed. Both these varieties were disease resistant and have capacity to give more production than the varieties already under use.

The PSC had also approved three vegetable's varieties one each of peas, pumpkin and biter gourd. All three seeds are developed by the vegetable research department of Ayub Research Institute Faisalabad. Peas seed is given name Metyor - Faisalabad, Pumkin seed Faisalabad Round and Biter Gourd has been named Faisalabad-Long.

The minister called upon the agricultural scientists to give maximum parent seed to the PSC so these could be provided to the farmers at the earliest.

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