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Greening Disease of Citrus threatens survival of 'kinno': experts

FAISALABAD (September 06 2010): Agriculture Experts have disclosed that the Greening Disease of Citrus has threatened the survival of "kinno" in main citrus producing countries of the globe. If preventive measures could not be adopted by Horticulturists there would be no more "kinno" in coming few decades, they warned.

Addressing the concluding session of 4-Day International workshop on "Sustainable Management of Insect Pests of Fruits with Special Reference to Citrus through Modern Protection and Post Harvest Losses Reduction Techniques" Prof. Dr. Mark S. Hoddle, Resource Person University of California USA Riverside said that California and Punjab province of Pakistan have similar climatic conditions for agricultural practices so that it is an appropriate time to boost the mutual co-operation in the field of collaborative research in order to build bridges for the betterment of mankind. He added that due to western media scientists from advanced countries bother to travel Pakistan but I found a friendly and full of sentiments environment, which is evident of Pakistanis hospitality and enthusiasm.

Dr. Hoddle maintained that on his way back to USA he would convey this soft and mild message to the scientific community for more collaborative and joint ventures in the field of Agriculture and Livestock with Pakistan. Mrs. Hoddle also lauded the hospitality of Pakistani people and said that this country has great cultural and spiritual heritage to attract the foreigners.

Earlier the Chief Guest of closing ceremony organised by Department of Agri. Entomology at New Senate Hall, Prof. Dr. Iqrar Ahmad Khan, Vice Chancellor UAF said that Citrus fruit is being cultivated in more than 100 countries of the world and it is 2nd highest Horticulture crop after Grapes. Dr. Iqrar Ahmad Khan highlighted the disease free citrus nursery project in collaboration with US under his supervision and said that this is the only way to assure the survival of "Kinno" which is under life threat due to greening disease.

Dr. Khan maintained that "Kinno" is not only most delicious and juicy fruit but a cheap source of Vitamin Supplement for common man in Pakistan. He said that UAF has developed Virus free plants nursery at its campus in order to gradually replacement of infected plants of "Kinno" orchards. He urged the scientists to redesign integrated pest management (IPM) mechanisms in order to obtain organic fruits and vegetables.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq, Dean Faculty of Agriculture in his welcome address said that plant protection mechanism needs to be revamped and it is the duty of Entomologists to shift their focus from chemical controls to biological control. He added that UAF has developed practicable and affordable rearing technique of farmer friendly biological agents in order to maintain the bio-diversity.

Prof. Dr. Anjum Sohail, Chairman Department of Agri. Entomology hoped that by the week long visit of American Scientists we would be able to redesign our plant protection strategies in accordance with the modern practices of International Scientists. Dr. Muhammad Jalal Arif, Principal Officer Public Relations and Publications conducted the closing session. Chief Guest Prof. Dr. Iqrar Ahmad Khan distributed the certificates among the participants of the International workshop. A large number of Faculty members Deans, Directors and students as well as participants from various departments attended the Workshop.

Courtesy:Business Recorder;


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