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Chief Minister NWFP approved Livestock plan
Dr.M.Subhan Qureshi

The Chief Minister NWFP, Mr.Akram Khan Durrani has approved the Chief Ministerís Livestock Development Plan prepared by Dr.M.Subhan Qureshi, Livestock Expert. The Chief Minister appreciated the efforts of the author and wished that this multifaceted joint venture may prove as a tool for revival of the provincial economy. 

The Minister for Agriculture and Livestock, Qari Mahmood has termed the Plan as a gift for the people of NWFP and advised the Department to initiate a summary for approval of the Chief Minister regarding the Plan. Initially the Plan was prepared by the author and examined by Prof.Dr.Chaudhry Shaukat Ali after a wide based consultation throughout the province, on advice of the Ex-Chief Minister NWFP.

The Plan has been prepared to identify and review the various issues retarding development of the livestock sector and has recommended to convert the sector from a dis-organized one to a useful tool for economic revival of the province.

The North-West Frontier Province (NWFP) of Pakistan has been blessed by the nature with a huge livestock inventory producing items valuing Rs.75 billion per annum. Livestock is contributing in the provincial economy as a major income source of 70 percent of the rural population. 

Milk, meat and eggs produced in the province constitute the essential components of human diet. Natural fertilizer and traction power are provided for agricultural operations. At provincial level the livestock sector contribute 17% in the overall productivity. The sector also produces hides and skins and their by-products, which contribute 10% of the total export earning of the country. However, this production level is far beyond real potential of the sector.

The Sector is facing numerous challenges at various levels. The Plan has successfully addressed problems in a systemic way. Under reorganization of Livestock Department, placement of various organs have been proposed according to the principal that research wing has to produced high quality technology and Extension Wing has to transfer these technologies to the consumers. 

Keeping in view potential of various organs and needs of the farmers, their functions have been rescheduled with effective coordination among them and re-designation of two directorates in accordance with needs of the sector. Integration of field services and effective coordination among various organs have been proposed. 

Filling of vacant technical posts, up-gradation of service structure in accordance with rest of the country and introduction of a merit formula for promotion have been proposed. For management of the Department and its components, management committees have been proposed which is likely to improve delivery with the utilization of more wisdom, which is necessary for any scientific body. 

For promotion of commercialization in the sector, an autonomous Board and services Network have been proposed which will get inputs from the stakeholders for improvement of the sector. The two professional degrees of the province really need improvement in provincial interest.

The proposed financial management system has called for conversion of the operational funds into revolving funds, which will make the authorities alert to achieve the desired target while maintaining the original size of funds, in addition to generating receipts for the treasury. 

The Government will: 1) get rid of repeated funding; 2) get receipts in an un-interrupted manner; 3) get happy workers with good incentives for their hard work; 4) get rid of establishment charges in a phased manner; 5) get an efficient and clean livestock sector. Commercialization of the sector has been proposed through establishment of joint ventures with the private sectors and establishment of milk, meat and eggs processing industries through local and foreign investment.

The Minister for Agriculture and Livestock NWFP has agreed to constitute an implementation committee for CM-LDP, to be headed by him, with the author/Coordinator CM-LDP as Secretary. 

Secretary Agriculture NWFP, Directors L&DD, VRI, LR&D and AHITI and one representative each from PE&D, EAD and Finance Department NWFP will represent the government. Dr.MM Siddiquee (NWFP Agric. Univ), Dr.Asmatullah (Gomal Univ), Dr.Beradar Mian, Dr.Muqarab Ali Khan, Dr.Sher Muhamad and Dr.Mirza Ali Khan will be expert members and SMEDA-NWFP Chief, Mr.SM Azam Shah, Mr.Mazullah Khan, Mr.Rasool Khan, Mr.M.Arif, Maj.Rtd. Tariq Mehmood and Haji Jamal Hussain will represent entrepreneur group. 

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