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Psychological Benefits of Gardening
Haider Abbas
M.Sc. (Hons.) Horticulture
Horticulturist, Landscape Gardening Council, University of Karachi

In fact, even the sight of a few trees, the view from a window at home or at work, can provide satisfaction. Similarly, landscape areas can also be a source of satisfaction; weather or not one participate in their maintenance. Not only are the individual species often interesting, but the landscaped areas creates a "space", a setting that can be a source of satisfaction to be in or to see. 

Garden here refers not to magnificent places that are professionally maintained but to plot a land where individual grow plants of their choosing. In fact gardening is a amazing phenomenon why should this activity be so popular? Certainly, the opportunity to grow fresh vegetables and fruits is an attraction. But may gardeners do not grow edibles.

Some enlightened businesses have incorporated natural element in and near the work environment, perhaps the common use of big potted in lobbies also reflects at least an intuitive recognition of the role of natural element. Rental rates are often higher for dwelling units that face a river or woods. Property values are supposedly increased by adjacency to golf courses or parks. Even such amenities are not present, the names of housing development often reflect natural elements (e.g., Forest Hills, Safari villas, Sunset Garden, Rufi Garden). People are often aware that nature is important to them they appreciate having daily contact with it.

Several other reasons for appreciating natural areas reflected the variety of functions that such settings can serve, for example, source of community pride. It is thus evident that observing is an important form of involvement with nature. Noticing the buds and blossoms, the changing colors, the nest of a bird or wasp are all, in a sense "uses" of nature. Other activities bring one in closer contact with nature walking or hiking, picnicking plus gardening. 

These all involve intentional, purposive activities. The view of natural areas has been shown to make a difference with respect to health measures as well as satisfaction. Looking out the window provides an opportunity to let the mind wander.
Gardens provide a clear example that the nearby-natural settings dose not need to have great extent. Even very small gardens provide many benefits.

Concluding comments:
Urbanization and population growth have created many stress, these trends have created new pressure and made some of the old satisfaction harder to achieve. Peace and quite, fascination, the chances to share with others and to do what one wish are all deeply important to human beings. The natural settings them satisfaction more available Even the view can lead to psychological gains. 

The immediate outcomes of contacts with nearby nature include enjoyment, relaxation and lowered stress levels. People with access to nearby natural settings have been found to be healthier then other individuals. People in all walks of life, in sickness and in health. In good times and bad times, find in nature some ting that comforts and restores.

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