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Cotton is a natural fiber that finds use in many products. These range from clothing to home furnishings to medical products. As a result, cotton is always in demand though its use is subject to the strengths and weaknesses of the overall economy. It accounts for 8.2 percent of the value added in agriculture and about 2 percent to GDP.
Issues & Analysis
ANALYSIS: Indication Of Surplus Cotton In This Season
The crucial month of September and early October have been passed with out any damaging any major lose to cotton crop except some minor attack in sind due to rain, but yesterday it was hail storm in some part of Dera Ghazi Khan District damaging cotton crop in some areas of the district.
October 2004

ANALYSIS: cotton prices steady on aggressive buying
The robust seed-cotton arrival figures, equivalent of 3.6 million bales, in the first fortnight of this month do indicate a larger cotton crop this season, but field reports indicate some damage to cotton crop due to pest attack and rains.
October 2004

ANALYSIS: overnight gains reported on cotton market
Despite news of heavy seedcotton (kapas/phutti) arrivals over the past several weeks and very optimistic projections for output for the current crop (2004-2005, lint prices showed a fair modicum of stability.
October 2004

ANALYSIS: prices firm up in cotton market
Prices of ready cotton have firmed up within this fortnight primarily due to exporters entry in the market coupled with a positive purchasing stance displayed by the Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP).
October 2004

ANALYSIS:Quality of crop may be affected by rain
Heavy rain received throughout Sindh and light rain in Punjab in cotton growing areas of both the province as result of this there is a risk of pest attack in these areas.
October 2004

ANALYSIS: aggressive buying halts declining trend in cotton prices
According to Pakistan Cotton Ginners' Association (PCGA) report, seed-cotton (phutti) arrivals up to September30 have registered a robust increase of 85.90 percent (Sindh 59.83 percent and Punjab 103.45 percent) over same period of last year.
October 2004

ANALYSIS: cotton market gains stability
Cotton prices achieved an element of stability on Thursday after many days which saw incessant fall of lint values.
October 2004

ANALYSIS: prices collapse on cotton market
Cotton prices collapsed over the past two or three days conceding about Rs 200 to Rs 250 per maund (37.32 kgs) only since yesterday, lint prices have lost Rs 100 per maund.
October 2004

Analysis: Whether grower get reasonable price
By the blessing of God we expect a bumper crop this year and target will be achieved which is 10.7 million bales ,the quality of cotton is also good ,this happened due to increase in cultivation area and pest attack is less due to shortfall of rain.
September 2004

ANALYSIS: cotton selling below government price despite TCP's entry
Except for some scattered rains in a few cotton areas in Sindh and Punjab the weather has been very conducive in the past two weeks. So, the prospects of a bumper cotton crop have brightened up considerably.
September 2004

ANALYSIS: exporters revive cotton prices
After a sizeable slump recorded in cotton prices over the previous several sessions, exporters entered the market which resulted in the increase in lint prices on Thursday by Rs 25 to Rs 50 per maund (37.32 kgs).
September 2004

ANALYSIS: larger phutti arrivals depress cotton prices
Pakistan Cotton Ginners' Association (PCGA) last week released its seed-cotton arrivals report but without comparative figures of last season. However, we give below comparison with a difference of one fortnight.
September 2004

ANALYSIS: steady condition in cotton market
Cotton prices remained fairly steady on Thursday as seedcotton (kapas/phutti) arrivals are increasing progressively indicating a very good cotton season this year (2004-2005) under the prevailing circumstances.
September 2004

ANALYSIS: weather conditions directly influencing cotton prices
All eyes are set on weather conditions. Any change in weather conditions would directly influence cotton crop, either quantitatively or qualitatively, in almost all cotton producing countries of Northern Hemisphere.
September 2004

ANALYSIS: larger cotton arrivals, weak New York advice depress prices
Countdown of crucial period for cotton has already started. The other day Punjab Agriculture Department was cautioning cotton growers through e-media to remain vigilant on the possibility of boll-worm attack in cotton belts of Punjab in view of the presence of some eggs of boll-worms on cotton plants in some areas including Rahimyarkhan and Okara districts.
September 2004

ANALYSIS: conducive weather conditions brighten bumper cotton crop prospects
Conducive weather is brightening the prospects for a bumper cotton crop of 11.5 million 375-lb bales in 2004-05 season with very good cotton quality. As the harvesting is gaining momentum, more and more ginning factories are resuming operation in new crop cotton..
August 2004

Analysis: many mills active in cotton market
A flurry of buying activity was witnessed on cotton market when a number of mills purchased most of the available stocks in recent sessions. Moreover, lint prices rose about Rs 50 per maund (37.32 kgs) on Thursday with tendency to remain on the steady side.
August 2004

Analysis: Pakistan to buy wheat at lower prices
With strong signs that the world will produce a bumper wheat crop this year, Asian grain buyers may increasingly drag their feet on signing deals in an effort to put pressure on suppliers to cut prices.
August 2004

ANALYSIS: some positive developments improve cotton prices
The much-awaited and widespread rains last week in cotton areas of Sindh and Punjab cotton belts have benefited the cotton crop. Since cotton sowing was not done at one time but at different times due to shortage of irrigation water, the crop throughout the country is at different stages of growth.
August 2004

ANALYSIS: prospects of bumper new crop further depress cotton prices
New cotton season 2004-05 has taken its start from August 1, but previously Pakistan's cotton season used to commence from September 1 every year.
August 2004

ANALYSIS: panicky sellers surrender to cotton buyers
With the completion of sowings in the late sowing areas, cotton sowing in 2004-05 season has come to an end. Cotton harvesting in early sowing areas of Lower Sindh and some areas of central Punjab in Sahiwal, Chichawatni and Mian Chunnu has already commenced.
July 2004

ANALYSIS: World cotton and textile prices drift on bumper crop reports
At last the government, which has been claiming of having sufficient wheat stocks for the current year (2004-05), despite reservation of independent analysts, has decided to import one million tonnes of the commodity to meet the estimated requirement of the country during the year.
July 2004

ANALYSIS: cotton prices reeling under intense pressure
Cotton prices fell precipitously and recorded a large fall of Rs200 to Rs300 per maund (37.32kgs) over the past one month or so.
July 2004

ANALYSIS: free-fall in cotton prices
Cotton prices in Pakistan plunged sharply during last fortnight and lost anywhere from Rs 100 to Rs 200 per maund (37.32 kgs) with tendency to concede further ground.
June 2004

ANALYSIS: new crop arrival reports, weak world prices depress cotton market
Harvesting of new cotton crop (2004-05 season) has reportedly commenced in the early sown areas of lower Sindh while sowing is still going on in some areas of upper Sindh and southern Punjab.
June 2004

ANALYSIS: gargantuan growth in cotton economy
Massive investment is continuing in the textile industry, which is moving ahead at galloping speed. According to various reports, another 1.5 million to 2 million state-of-the-art spindles are being installed during the current 12 months which is unprecedented in the history of Pakistan.
June 2004

ANALYSIS: downturn in New York depresses domestic cotton prices
Further free fall in New York cotton futures prices has depressed domestic lint values so that little activity is being reported in the market.
June 2004

ANALYSIS: further fall in cotton prices
Lint prices dipped at least another Rs 50 per maund (37.32kg) this week following the general decrease in New York cotton futures prices since last week and also because mills in Pakistan have booked more imported cotton recently and are thus adequately covered.
June 2004

ANALYSIS: cotton sellers prevail upon buyers for higher price
Cotton planting has almost been completed in Lower Sindh, while it is in progress in Upper Sindh and Punjab. Previously, there was no shortage of canal water, sowing in one area was simultaneously, but now due to shortage of canal waters, cotton growers get water on turn resulting delay in sowing.
June 2004


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q Prospects of bumper new crop further  depress cotton prices
q Panicky sellers surrender to cotton buyers
q World cotton and textile prices drift on bumper crop reports





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