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An Out Line of Rural Income Generating Program (RIGP)
Dr Muhammad Rasheed

Generating of income of rural population in the selected village, through increased livestock production by providing extension services to all the livestock holders /farmers of the village. 

To achieve the objective

  1. The productivity of existing livestock will be increased with proper housing, feeding, provision of drinking clean water, availability of green fodder and deworming against endo- parasites.
  2. The breed characters of existing livestock will be improved through the provision of Artificial insemination services with proven bull semen.
  3. Small income generating livestock related programs would be initiated in the village. 

Main subjects of RIGP (Rural income Generating Program)

  • Housing
    Awareness program will be conducted in the village to provide Proper housing for the livestock in winter, summer, autumn and spring season.
  • Feeding
    Awareness program will be conducted in the village to provide balance ration/ feed, the urea molasses blocks and mineral mixture preparation according to the stage / state of animal. 
  • Fodder
    Awareness program will be conducted in the village for the availability of green fodder whole year for the livestock through introduction of change of sowing pattern, improved variety fodder seed, multi cut green fodder, Sorgum Sudan Grass, Napier Grass and Lucern. 
  • Fodder Conservation
    Awareness program will be conducted to conserve the fodder in to Hay, Silage and urea treated wheat / rice straw to meet the shortage of roughages/green fodder in the scarcity period to keep the production of livestock in tact.
  • Drinking water
    Awareness program will be conducted in the village for the provision/importance of fresh drinking water for the livestock through the modification of water ponds, water troughs.
  • Treatment and Veterinary health coverage
    The importance of sound health and fitness of livestock will be propagated by conducting the Animal health day, treatment of sick animals and provision of 1st aid measures / medicines in the village.
  • Vaccination
    The prophylactic measures such as vaccination against the fatal livestock diseases will be the main activity of RIGP. The vaccination schedule against Hemorrhagic Septicemia, Foot and Mouth, Entero Toximia and Neo castle Disease will be adopted through the participation of farmers/ community and villager worker will be trained for the purpose.
  • Deworming
    The awareness program will be conducted in the village to propagate the importance of deworming , drenching of animals to save them against endo parasites. Necessary training will be given to the village worker nominated by the rural community for their active participation.
  • Breed Improvement
    The improved breed is the key factor for the better milk production. To propagate this aspect the awareness meetings will be conducted in the village. The availability of Artificial Insemination services will be provided through the training if veterinary worker nominated by the rural community. The proven bulls semen will be provided / used to improve the breed characters of existing livestock. The problems of silent heat and long calving interval will be solved technically and with the provision of supplement mineral feeding.

Livestock Related SmallIncome Generating Programs

  1. Fattening program of 10 male calves of buffalo and cows
  2. Fattening program 20 sheep and goat
  3. Fattening program 5 old and culled animals.
  4. Milk marketing by collecting milk in the village and selling nearby city.
  5. Raising of 2 high yielder buffalos for milk production.
  6. Raising of 2 Sahiwal cows for milk production.
  7. Raising of 50 teddy goats for the meat purpose.
  8. Raising of 20male sheep & goat for Eid Qurban / meat purpose.
  9. Raising of 200 rural poultry for egg and meat purpose.
  10. Preparation of balanced ration, urea molasses blocks and mineral mixture supplements to sell in the village for better milk and meat production.

 Activities to Boost up the RIGP
(Rural Income Generating Program)

  • Training of Veterinary Village Workers
  • Farmers meetings in the village 
  • Lectures, seminars in the high/ higher secondary school of village with the subject of new techniques of livestock keeping for better milk and meat production.
  • Field days to demonstrate the extension activities / achievements by the farmers of the village.

To start with the program the base line survey will be conducted to know the households, human population and livestock population and series of activities will be planned accordingly. With the executing of the program 100% increas in the rural income of the selected/target village is expected. 

Looking for your approval, please.

Dr Muhammad Rasheed
House # 235/W Scheme #3
Farid Town Sahiwal
Phone (O) 63963 (R) 50305;

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