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AA group launches new target agri-nucleus plan
By Nadeem Shah

MULTAN: It is first time in the history of Pakistan that the Ali Akbar Enterprises, one of the diversified national business group has launched its "target agri-nucleus" to provide complete facilities and guidance to farmers at their door steps regarding pesticides implications, usage of spray machines, seeds and fertilizers utilization.

AA group launches new target agri-nucleus planThe initiative with Lahore head office will work with the strength of six organize structures include Ali Akbar Enterprises to run the business, Dada Jee Corporation for dealing fertilizers, Pak-China chemicals for generic pesticide formulations, Links International for LPG gas business,Pak-China Pet for bottles business and Ali Akbar Seeds for dealing in crop seeds.

The new initiative is a part of strategy to combat with future challengesof free market economy by establishing agri-markets to end middlemen role and it would enhance the production capacity between 25pc to 50pc.

The AA group director marketing Engineer Javed Salim Qureshi said all the agriculture related items would be available at one spot of "target agri-nucleus" in all the four Provinces besides imparting free consultancy and guidance to farmers about different crops through experts.

AA group launches new target agri-nucleus planHe said the AA group is committed with major changes in the entire agriculture system in the wide interest of farmers while the unique idea would play a key role in developing and strengthening the whole agriculture infrastructure.

During last six years by the introduction of low cost and quality products by Ali Akbar Group, crop protection product's prices have reduced significantly.

The Company's agrochemical line is dominated by Insecticides (80%) andamong crops by cotton products (90%), he said. More then a thousands of farmers participate in the prestigious launching ceremony held in Multan and the cultivators came from far flung rural areas widely welcomed the new initiative and termed it an other step in boosting up the agriculture infrastructure.

The organization is ambitious is spring from the collective determination of people to continuously excel in providing high customer satisfaction through product quality at the right place.

AA group launches new target agri-nucleus planAli Akbar Group is amongst the top 5 crop protection companies in Pakistan.

They started marketing of agrochemical since 1993, as natural response to the opportunity arising from the ever-growing demand for crop protection chemicals in Pakistan. First direct sale was carried out at the end of1993 with improvement insecticide "Methamidophos" and "Methyl Parathion".

Now, the organization offers a comprehensive range of products such as insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, miticides and plant growthregulators.

Ali Akbar Group is a young growing, dynamic group. Through out Pakistan,Ali Akbar's Pesticides serve crop protection markets. In a short span of time, the company has attained the leading position in a competitive industry.

The tremendous growth is a result of: Introduction of latest new generation products. Supply of quality and cheaper products. High standards of business ethics. Technical guidance to our customers. Speaking at the occasion the missionary executive director marketing engineer Javed Salim Qureshi said he was expanding the plan of agriculture revolution gradually which foundation were laid in 1993.

The group would provide services to the farmers by rooting out the dominance of multinational companies to free them from their clutches. "We did notbetray from our wise commitments of welfare of farmers and the agri-nucleustargets would exist at every nook and corner till 2005", he said.

The AA group is dedicated to establish agriculture markets till 2005 and designed a solid plan in this regard to release farmers from the grip of middlemen. Multan district nazim Riaz Hussein Qureshi appreciated the AA groups' initiative of services providing to farmers and optimistically said theidea would prove a mile stone in the way of green revolution.

The AA group chairman Major Ijaz Muhammad Khan (rtd) said they were committed with farmers' welfare, guidance and consultancy instead of saving the monetary interests and benefits. Khan questioned why pro-farmers agriculture policies in country could be inducted while the nation has tested military, politicians in last 55 years. The past history teaches us that farmers are the sole stakeholders for country's survival and well wisher.

He demanded the government to withdraw from GST because it is anti-farmer and against in the wide interests of agriculture. Punjab Chief Minister's advisor Col Shujaat Ahmed Khan (rtd) appreciated.

AA group launches new target agri-nucleus planAA Group for imparting free skills and knowledge to farmers and he prayed God save the AA Group from multinational companies. He said the agriculture is bone of country's economic development and President Gen Pervez Musharraf has given top priority to agriculture. While representing farmers, Nawab Farahatullah Khan declared the AAGroup's initiatives are good news to farmers' guidance.

The farmers Sardar Saifullah Khan, Khan Muhammad Thaim from Sindh also paid a great tribute to AA Group for providing standard services to farmers. The AA Group business manager Khalid Mehmood red out 11 years working of the group. Later, projector films, fieldwork and training programs were displayed on a projector.;

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