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Company Spot light

Agri Biotech
Agriculture Biotechnologies Pakistan (pvt.) Ltd

Back Ground
Agriculture is the largest sector of Pakistan's economy, which employs about 47% of the total labour force of our country. It is one least exploited but most promising sector, which offers tremendous potential for sustainable growth and economic development and above all security for sufficient food supply for 120 million peoples of this country likely to be doubled in 35 years.


Biotechnology is the science for the Industrialisation of agriculture. It has opened an exciting frontier in sustainable development of human resources. With the realisation of foreseen advantages and unprecedented application, biotechnology received great attention all the world over, including developing countries. Biotechnology offers tremendous novel opportunities for exponential growth of agricultural. Plant Tissue Culture ( PTC ) is the most dynamic discipline of biotechnology.

Tissue culture is the cloning of plants from mother plant. Using advance propagation techniques and intensive cultivation for plant species are collectively termed as agriculture biotechnology.

In Pakistan all biotechnology research laboratories are in public sector including universities. In spite of noticeable contribution in the basic research in tissue culture and biotechnology, commercial exploitation remained insignificant. Moreover, ironically so far no commercially viable plant tissue culture or biotechnology laboratory has been established in private sector in all over the country, except Agri Biotech.

Agri Biotech:
Agri Biotech is multi disciplinary organization set up by a fine blend of professionals and technocrats well versed with practical application of agriculture biotechnologies and its future potentialities in development of agriculture as an industry. Vast experience and vision were instrumental in the identification of biotechnology as the industry of the future and hence led to the birth of Agriculture Biotechnologies company in Pakistan with expending horizons.

Agri Biotech is established to introduce the new and innovative technologies for sustainable development of agriculture by ensuring the availability of high quality, high yielding disease resistant, virus free planting material, premium quality seed, intensive cultivation practices and to introduce the advance agriculture management system.

Aims And Objectives:

i) Production and development of premium quality planting material using tissue culture technology.
ii) Green house technology for off-seasoned vegetable and fruit production and floriculture.
iii) Contract farming.
iv) Project implementation back-up.
v) Extension work.
vi) Overseas and domestic marketing of the final produce.
vii) Finance to grower through banks and farmers co-operatives for agriculture implements.
viii) Human resources development in the field of advanced agricultural technologies
ix) Development of Agri processing industry in fruits and vegetables.

To achieve the above objectives following division in different phases will take over the activities

1) Plant Tissue Culture Division:

Plant tissue culture is a versatile cloning technique offering benefit of scale, scope and uniformity. It require highly sophisticated equipments skilled manpower, high research and is labour intensive. Tissue culture technology can ensure virus-free, disease indexed and high yielding planting material, which will help to increase yield, productivity, uniformity of produce, reduced harvesting time and reduced wastage.

Agri Bio tech has developed complete protocols for the micorpropagation of sugar cane, potato, Guava, Banana and some ornamental plants of commercial importance by use of Tissue culture technology. Now company is commercializing this technology at industrial scale to replace the old and diseased stock with healthy rejuvenated stock.

After successful trials and experimentations, the seed of sugarcane and Potato developed through tissue culture technology has been transferred to the farmers and results are very encouraging.


Seedling Production Division:
Planting material with faster emergence more rapid and uniform initial growth, certified, virus-free and disease indexed, vigorous and healthy growth ensure the successful transplantation and high yield.

Agri Bio Tech has environmentally controlled green houses with modern equipment for maximum germination of seeds. We have developed highly scientific and standard infrastructure for seedling production at commercial level at affordable prices.

This is not only helpful for the farmers to keep them safe from germination loss but has also made it possible for them to have off-season vegetables seedlings like chilies, tomatoes, cucumbers etc., which ensure the maximum profitability to the farmers.

Horticulture and Floriculture Division:
Achieving prominance in horticulture could be explicit goal of a country like Pakistan being one of the few blessed with a highly congenial and diversified soil and climate conditions ranging from Arabian sea to highest peak in the world. Consequently all types of decidous and subtropical fruits and almost all crops can be shown in this country.

Considering theimportance of this sector Agri Biotech is currently working on following projects under this division

Cut flower export
Nursery and farm management consultancy services
Branded fruits and vegetable export

Food Processing division:
A very advance, sophisticated and scientifically proved dehydration plant is installed. Fruits and vegetables are processed for dehydration, Tesultantly this increase their shelf life and provide off season fruits and vegetables (for export). eg Chilies, Tomatoes, Garlic, Onion, Mango, Apple, Banana, Peaches and Apricot etc.

Allied Projects:

1. Production of disease free potato seed through tissue culture technology.
2. Micropropagation of Turmeric
3. Micropropagation of Banana and Guava
4. Ornamental Plants ( Spathiphyllum, Gloxinia, Carnation and Caldium)
5. Production and processing of Herbs of commercial and medicinal importance.
6. Production of roses of industrial processing in collaboration with a French company.
7. Gherkin cucumber production and processing, a joint venture between AgriBiotech and Amora Mallie.

Future Plans:

1. Research and Development Laboratory:

To keep with the scientific development to further develop in house research capability, AgriBiotech will ultimately establish a stats of art research and development division. Research activity will also be focused on fertility, fertilizer management and irrigation Technology.

2. Integration of Information Technology with Agriculture:

Information technology and computers are becoming integrated part of advance agriculture production and management system. Using computer support to operate, monitor and evaluate irrigation, water and fertilizer in accurate and economical way. Such systems are needed to be constantly upgraded and consequently, fit the definition of new potential agriculture sector product.

The Team

1. Dr. Fayyaz A. Siddqui CEO
2. Dr. Shagufta Naz Director


Contact Info

Agri Biotech Extension Service
14 KM -Multan Road Behind Unifoam Lahore, Pakistan.
(Phone # 7511506, Fax # 7511844)

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